horse-ridingWe offer an extensive array of activities for ages and both novices and experienced riders. Trekking is one of Griffin Quarter Horses outstanding and popular activities. Riders are familiarized with their horses in our enclosed arenas after which one of our instructors take you out on an escorted walk. Under supervised and careful eye of trained instructors will you and your family experience the first taste of trotting horses. It is one of our favorite events especially for novice riders, families, and young children.

Our hacking is for the experienced riders who wants to enjoy a day in our hills and horses and hacking trails are designated according to the level of experience riders possess. Grouping of riders are also done according to riding ability in order to ensure that everyone has a fun and joyous day out.

Experienced riders appreciate the availability of our special cross-country riding from various duration. From one hour, two hours and four hour or even all day riding with different jump levels, climbing and different terrain according to experience. Fast galloping across lush lands, hilly terrain and specially placed obstacles, which riders can view prior to selecting a course or cross-country duration.

Horse riding lessons are part of our activities specially designed for all ages and people who has never been on horseback and paired with excellent horses with great patience. Horses are confident and tame and even a nervous rider finds pleasure in the abilities of our trained professionals. Special tuition and one-on-one horse riding lessons that last as short as half an hour for nervous beginners to longer sessions also available. Group lessons with the maximum amount of six riders with instructors for each rider in order to access the personal progress of each rider. Only once a rider has confidence and show capability to ride will they be allowed outside the arena and still be accompanied by instructors for slow trekking. Master classes for experience riders with a keen interest to improve their skills and special horse jumping are also a large part of our riding lessons on Griffin Quarter Horses Farm.

Our lesson times are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the year.

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